Silje Rubæk 4th in the World Championship 2017 of Bmx Racing down in Rock Hill, USA!

Yeah, we just got the news that Silje got the 4th place in the world Championship down in Rock Hill, USA! At the moment some of us are riding street and race down in Aalborg, Denmark but now we stopped this and doing some crazy dancing moves instead infront of the laptop. It’s so freaking cool to see Siljes fighting spirit. Even though she had some pain a couple of weeks ago she fights, recover, train and get back on the bike doing what she loves! On here facebook she wrote that riding down there on the tracks in USA and get such results was an awesome experience and yes, that must be a total blast!

Thank you for being with us at dwbtoftshit! Silje and congratulation on this rad ride! We are looking forward to hook you up with our new racing collection for 2018 when it’s done! In the meantime we hope you and your rad family keep have an awesome bmx life down in the states

Photo from Facebook: 2017 UCI BMX World Championships

Photo from Siljes instagram

Photo from Facebook: Roskilde BMX

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Two champions in two countries on the same day Bmx Racing!

At the moment we are out riding around the world and the team is doing awesome results! Some weeks ago our two team mates Oskar and Silje both rode their nations championship on the same day but in different countries. Oskar, who rode the Swedish Championship and had a great day and can now call himself a Swedish Champion in Bmx Racing 2017, great job Oskar! On the other side of the water our Danish team rider Silje also had an awesome day at the track. She won her races and claimed the Danish Champion 2017 title in Bmx racing… Rad stuff!

European cup in Norway!

Hey guys! I’ts been 4 days since I raced the european cup in Norway for the national team so I thought it was time for a little update. I was pretty happy with my riding overall but there are some areas I need to improve on. The first heat started with a crash (photo on top) but after that everything worked out pretty well for me. After 2 good heats I qualified for the semi final. But it was really tough, with a lot of tight racing I ended up with a 6th spot so unfortunately no final. But I was still  satisfied with my riding which is the most important thing for me. Moving on to the next day I was prepared and was aiming for the final. With 3 solid laps I qualified for the semi. This time I didnt have a good gate so I knew I had to race smart to pass the guys in front of me. I hesitated to much in the corners which made me loose the final spot… I have taken a lot of good stuff with me from this weekend but most importantly I know what I need to work on. Its now 1 and a half week until the Swedish championship and this is my year to take the gold. Im now training and improving more than ever to be as prepared as possible for the upcoming races.

Succé Cup 2017

Hey guys! Oskar here, I just got home from a 3 day competition called Succe Cup in Norway. I just wanted to update you guys of how Its been going for me these days. Something new for me this time was that I was riding for the Swedish national team and staying at a hotel with them. That’s the reason to why I’m wearing the national team jersey instead of my dwbtoftshit jersey. The first race was at Moss bmx track. Its a technical and pretty narrow track but I like tracks like that. I got 1/2/2 in my motos and we were 22 guys in my age division so I qualified for semifinals where I got 2nd after a good rider from Moss. In the final I got lane #1 which was an advantage for me. I had a decent first straight and was 4th into the first corner and held that position all the way to the line. Im pretty happy with that as it was many great riders in my age. The next race was at Gressvik which is a really fun track to ride. I got 2nd in all of my motos and I was saving myself a bit for the semi and final. I qualified for the finals with a 3rd spot in the semis. I got a bad start in the final but managed to get from 7th to 3rd in the first corner with very tight racing and one rider crashing right in front of me. I was pretty stoked with a 3rd place. With one more race day coming up I was a bit tired and my body was sore, but managed to get 4th in the main event this time too, unfortunately one rider crashed in front of me at the 3rd straight and I rode right over his bike and unclipped from my pedal, which made me loose my 3rd spot that I had for a moment. It’s been a weekend with a lot of awesomeness and I’m taking some good stuff with me but also some things I need to work on for the upcoming races in Märsta and for the Euro rounds in Sviland. Have a great one! /Oskar

“Straight out of jail” – Villads S. Pedersen

In Zolder during the European Cup in Bmx Racing the speakers had a good time and talked about a young little guy in a prison suit. It’s was Villads Pedersen! He was riding in our “in 4 life” jersey and gloves with great style and “straight out of jail” as the speakers said. He had a good ride and ended up in the semis! Now, a few weeks later this images above showed up in our stream and we got totally blown away, we love it! It’s things like this that make us wanna work even harder to reach out there! A big shout-out to Villads and Thomas, thanx and see you at the track!

It’s Friday and we just posted a video of Oskar when he was riding a moto down in Spain!

What’s better than hanging around on youtube after a week filled with training and riding! As you know our team rider Oskar was down in Spain for some riding and training and we have got a hold on a video from one of the Bmx racing motos in Mazzaron, Spain! Nice riding as always Oskar!

Oskar crashed hard during practice

About two weeks ago our ambassador Oskar made a hard crash on the track in Kungsbacka. Unfortunately, he broke his collarbone and have to rest from his precious bike a couple of weeks.

He felt a bit down but we are not worried at all. With his skills and flow, he will be hitting the tracks as normal as soon as he’s back on the bike!

This weekend you can see Silje ride in the first UEC European Cup in Zolder!

We are all set to go and our team is out on the tracks doing their things! Yesterday our teammate Silje Rubæk took the flight down to Zolder for the first UEC European Cup in Bmx Racing. This is the first race of the year for Silje and with 1400 riders from 30 countries she sure will have some great racing ahead!

Back here we will fill up our storage of popcorn, start the live stream and cheer for Silje and all our other friends that are down there! Riders ready, watch the gate….

You can follow the live stream here or direct on youtube!
Here you can find the schedule

Meet our newest team ambassador Silje Rubæk!

After a winter filled with training and product development, we are over our head of joy to introduce our newest team ambassador, Silje Rubæk! We have been watching her riding a long time and her lifestyle and personality is a perfect match to dwbtoftshit!

Silje is a 33-year-old Danish Bmx Racing rider based in Roskilde with her two kids and husband Jesper (also an awesome rider). They are a true hardcore Bmx family, you know the ones with their bikes in the living room. When we drove down to Silje for a hangout and clothing delivery we got a pleasant welcoming. When we stepped inside her house the smell of fresh new tires & tubes hit us right in the face (this from a newly arrived box filled with Bmx stuff). If you ones have smelled this you know what we’re talking about, a better welcoming is hard to get, thank you!

Silje is racing in the 24″ cruiser class and is progressing for each year. She’s a person that puts a lot of efforts in her training and are not afraid to put in the extra laps needed to reach the goals she has set up for herself. For about 1 year ago Silje had an accident with her Bmx bike during a practice and ended up with two fractures in vertebrae 4 and 5. Luckily the fractures were stable and could get back on the bike immediately as long as she didn’t jump and of cause with a lot of pain. One week later she won the Danish Championship and two weeks after this she got a 5th place in the European Championship.

As you can read Silje has a huge passion, determination and love for her sport. When not racing she’s also involved in the Bmx training for the younger kids, including her own in Roskilde. When you meet her, she not late to give you a smile and if you watch her ride you will sometimes even see the smile under the helmet. At the Bmx Racing indoor track in Roskilde, we watched one of Siljes kids ride and singing at the same time, we can’t stop imagine if Silje also does this while training? Maybe this is why the danish riders are so awesomely successful…

Silje Rubaek Smile

This weekend Silje will travel down to Italy for a training camp at the Bmx Olympic arena in Verona! Here she will warm up, train and get ready for the first UEC European Cup in Zolder, Belgium. We are so excited to hear all about it later and wishing her a warm and great weekend.

Anywho, we are so honored that Silje wanted to join us and our team and we are looking forward to continue seeing her ride, smiling and taking holeshots around the world in the name of dwbtoftshit! Welcome to us Silje Rubæk!

You can read more about Silje Rubæk at our ambassador team page here ->

dwbtoftshit! is in Denmark and hanging out with our next team ambassador!

Yes, that’s right! We’re spending this weekend in Denmark and hanging out with our new Team Ambassador! This is a person that represents everything we stand for and we are so stoked to have this person on board. To follow this person’s journey around the world wearing our brand is something that we are really happy and proud about!

So after a day filled with driving, kids, fashion walks, clothing, headwear, pizza slicing, BMX riding and photography we are now looking forward to the next couple of days and are eager to get every detail in place before we introduce our new member and friend to you ?