Here you will find our popular black and striped hoodies. The fabrics are manufactured in Lithuania and are stretchy, soft and place itself perfectly to the body. Our hoodie is trendy, comfortable and a perfect base to your wardrobe. A mega-trend that can be seen everywhere at the moment are the hooded sweatshirts and our hoodies got the design which the fashion industry demands.

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Hoodies for action sports!

Is there any other garment that is as cool and comfortable as the hoodie? Sweaters are also called hooded sweatshirt and is hotter than ever on the streets. Get a classic black stylish hoodie or the chose the more “out there” black and white striped hoodie, you will definitely be fashion. Boys and girls, men and women, young and old, everyone can wear this garment. However you combine the hoodie style you will feel more relaxed than in any other sweater models. It is no coincidence that the hoodie usually associates as the classic streetwear. It will fit for work, pub, movie night, you name it! Would you like a super cool, New York underground , urban look then you’ve come to the right place. Pull up the hood over your snapback, and turn on the attitude.