We do motocross gloves that fit today’s hard and fast living. To have a good grip is very important and we have worked really hard to find the right way to get this. Our goal has been to make the thinnest and lightest MX glove on the market. If you get the chance you must test a couple of our gloves and feel how close they come to your hand. Of cause you also can use the gloves for bmx, mountain bike or whatever grip you have!

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We believe that a motocross gloves should sit really tight so they do not slide or move when you ride your bike on the track. Our MX gloves are thin cause we want you to become one with the glove. The grip is great both in dry and wet conditions and the pattern on the palm is made to stand up for your hard racing days. dwbtoftshit is a manufacturer of technical, high-performance gloves for motocross, bmx and Mountain Biking. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about the gloves!