Riding BMX racing is an incredible kick and one of the most intense action sports available. You are one with your bike. To see someone getting first over the finish line is rad but to see someone ride with a style and passion that no one can miss is even cooler!

Our bmx racing ambassadors

Being a bmx racing ambassador with us means that you are passionate about our vision and share our thoughts and lifestyle of action sports. We are passionate and passion is what dwbtoftshit! stands for. Never give up your dreams and do what you love no matter what. If you can’t live without your bike you have come to the right place!

Oskar Kindblom, BMX racing

Oskar is a calm and relaxed dude off the track but when you put him on his BMX bike he fires up and owns the track like no one else. His riding style speaks for its self and you often hear people talk about his riding skills and awesome style!

Want to be one of our bmx racing ambassadors?

If you are interested in becoming one of our bmx racing ambassadors, simply send a message through our sponring page. Then be sure to fill in all the information about yourself and what you do as well as related links to instagram, facebook, youtube, vimeo, videos, pictures, etc.