Motocross is action! If you ever been riding a dirt bike on the track or enduro in the woods and hitting the throttle at max you know the feeling. The feeling of horsepower and acceleration speed. If you felt this it’s almost impossible to not get addicted. To see someone fly through the air with style and speed is also an incredible kick and if you never have seen this live, we recommend you to go to a race and experience it.

Being a motocross ambassador

An MX Ambassador love of their bike like no one else. You notice this right away when talking to this person or see them ride their dirt bike. We love people with passion and that passion is what our brand is all about. You certainly not need to be the best or elite. The most important thing is that you do not give up and do what you love no matter what.

Fred Wiz, Mx rider

This is Freddy, let’s call him Fred. He is 35 years old father and motocross rider with a drive that is hard to find. Among the first time I met him was on a bmx bike in my backyard when we were like 12yrs old. There we had some really sketchy homemade jumps made of doors and stuff ?

Want to be one of our motocross team ambassadors?

If you are interested in becoming one of our ambassadors, simply send a message through our sponring page. Then be sure to fill in all the information about yourself and what you do as well as related links to instagram, facebook, youtube, vimeo, videos, pictures, etc.